The sweetest girlfriend birthday present ever!

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Today is my birthday and you recently discovered my secret fantasies without me noticing this. As the sweetest boyfriend you ever had, you want to give me a big surprise birthday present by making my fantasies come true.

From the beginning, you have a ponytail with strands of hair going down on each side of your face. You have minimal makeup but no lipstick on your lips. You are only wearing 1 pair of tight medical latex gloves (like the ones seen in Naughty schoolgirl give a deep blowjob, and your fingers completely fill the gloves‘ fingers) and your bronze lycra pantyhose with a hole in the cotton gusset, so your sweet pussy is exposed. I'm lying on the bed in our bedroom wearing a pair of your pantyhose and also 1 pair of the same tight medical latex gloves. My balls and my cock pop out of the pantyhose through a hole in the cotton gusset of the pantyhose. I am gently caressing and playing with my cock when you open and close the bedroom door behind you, and say with a dirty smile : „Happy birthday honey!“ You're bringing with you a 2nd condom and 1 other pair of the same medical latex gloves we are both wearing.

The mood during every minute of t…

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