Real Living Mannequin II

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  • Datum: 12.08.2017
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As to continue from before, you are a life sized doll and you are posed around the areas on the house and wherever you think that is nice area to pose in. You can also use any kinds props you like too. Same posing style as before too. (hand & finger posing). I liked the way you pose in the last few scenes on the previous custom (101) Mix standing and sitting, also for example on video 357 where you are f*** from behind, facing back to the camera and your leg is on table. (similar types of poses) but you face is always facing camera. What I like is also that the start pose is nice and classic style legs closed, but then your legs are opened for the explicit views.

For camera, you can fade in with you already posed. Full body shot. Can you also set up 2 camera so we can see 2 angles. Then approximately 60-70 seconds per pose = probably 20-25 poses in total. Here are various scenes that I would like to request; you can do this in any location you want.

1. You are in mid climax freeze- using fingers or toy but with eyes open and with erotic poses you can think of. (5 poses)

2. You are …


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